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May 25, 2022

We did it! Thanks to our hard-hitting coverage on Episode 92 of Biden's Ministry of Truth, DHS has decided to suspend the "Governance Disinformation Board" and its would-be leader, Nina Jankowicz, has tendered her resignation. We kick off this episode with a light-hearted celebration of this pruning of the federal leviathan. However, our main topic, the baby formula shortage, provided fertile soil to get back to our roots of destroying idiotic memes. In this case, a tweet which has made the rounds on social media blaming the shortage on the "free market," despite the fact that such an ignorant claim is in complete contravention of the fact that the baby formula market in the U.S. is another failed socialistic scheme. We destroy this meme (again) which keeps rearing its ugly head every time the U.S. Politburo's grand command and control designs fail.