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Apr 13, 2022

A war crime, allegedly committed by Russian soldiers in Bucha, Ukraine, has the war drums in the United States beating ever louder. Of course, you are not to give the regime's snap narrative a second thought because the world is a black and white cartoon where the "bad guys" act predictably (and uniquely) evil, while the "good guys" are aghast as they patiently wait for the American people to demand that "something be done." But, not so fast. You might be surprised to learn that the world isn't quite so cartoonish, the moral goodness of each side not so clear, and that we've all been here (many, many times) before. We urge caution and restraint in jumping to believe the narrative of a regime that has never seen a war it didn't want to be involved in. The stakes are high, so our bullshit meters must be calibrated more sensitively.