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Mar 22, 2022

"Elections have consequences!" So, screeched the "blue no matter who" crowd all 2020 election cycle. But, now that their guy won, and the Biden administration is an endless parade of dumpster fires, they can't retreat from that line fast enough. Perhaps nowhere is this hypocrisy more blatantly obvious than in their refusal to take blame (or credit) for skyrocketing gas prices. Biden himself wants to blame it all on Putin. But, for those of us with memories longer than that of a goldfish, we distinctly recall him openly campaigning on clamping down on domestic energy producers to appease the climate catastrophe gods, then delivering on much of that agenda once in office. Well, these are the consequences of those policies and something tells us Biden et al. will be paying for them come November 2022 and 2024, no matter how much they say it isn't their fault.