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Oct 18, 2023

If you believe all aspects of the narrative surrounding the recent attack of Israel by Hamas, then Hamas pulled off one of the most complicated, coordinated attacks on one of the most heavily defended and surveilled countries in the world, and proceeded to gratuitously commit the most heinous atrocities imaginable to justify Israel's complete leveling of the entire Gaza Strip. Oh, and the world-renowned Israeli intelligence apparatus never saw any of this coming—despite being warned by a neighboring country (Egypt) and multiple IDF veterans saying that there's no way the government of Israel would not have known about an operation of this size and scope—and because you believe all that, the wholesale slaughter of innocence on the other side is ex ante justified. But, don't you dare question any aspect of it or you're "antisemitic" because the Israeli government is the exact same thing as the Jewish people; and therefore, nothing but full-throated support for everything it ever has done, is doing, or will do will be tolerated.