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Sep 27, 2023

Government in both Chicago and Canada does what government does best: creates a problem, pretends to offer a solution to that problem, fake solution makes the problem worse. Rinse and repeat. The U.S. Senate's recent abandonment of its dress code rules to accommodate John Fetterman's hobo look is perhaps the best real-world example of the "Emperor having no clothes" we've ever seen. In other "your government hates you" news, career parasite, Senator Bob Menendez, assumes the role of every cartoon character bank robber as he accepts as payment for bribes, gold bars and wads of cash, stuffed into envelopes with his name on them, stuffed in jacket pockets... his SECOND time being charged with such an offense. Rusell Brand finds himself in the crosshairs of the establishment and its mainstream media mouthpieces, as they attempt to take him down with decade-old, anonymous, spurious sexual assault allegations because he refuses to mindlessly regurgitate the regime's talking points on important subjects of the day.