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Sep 6, 2023

The ones who want to rule you are not sending their best. German heiress thinks the government is best suited to allocate her $4.2 billion inherited fortune, in direct contravention of lived experience and all common sense. Propaganda is the only thing a Colorado school "teacher" is teaching the boy she kicked out of class for having a Gadsden Flag on his backpack because she says it is tied to sLaVerY. The French government is proving that it learned nothing from the failure of FDR and his New Deal policies, which prolonged the Great Depression, because just like him it believes the best policy when people are struggling is to spend scarce resources destroying perfectly good commodities. Mitch McConnell goes all ERROR CODE again as he freezes up while fielding questions for the second time in almost as many months. Suffice to say that our "leaders" are not the best we as a species have to offer.