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Aug 17, 2023

It's a (not-so) big club and we ain't in it. Leftist-progressives fail at self-examination and don't realize that they are in a cult every bit as mind and soul melting as the one they accuse Trump supporters (or anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton) of being in. A Native American group demands the Washington Commanders change their name back to the Redskins: (a) because most Native Americans never had a problem with the name to begin with and (b) because canceling Native Americans as mascots for professional sports teams achieves the exact opposite of what the cancel mob wanted when they (see, white liberals) demanded the name change in the first place. Bernie Sanders, once again, shows his true corrupt colors, this time funneling campaign money to his wife and step-son via his "non-profit." Finally, completely lacking in the ability to see the world through someone else's eyes, leftist fem-nazis are surprised and angered that the masses are gravitating toward Ken from the recent "Barbie" movie when the movie's message was supposed to be about #girlpower. Just as with Ron Swanson and Donald Trump before Ken, they continue to be surprised at the people's affinity for "throw away characters" because their elitism blinds them to the reality that they are not the popular kids they think they are; they're the bullies no one likes.