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Aug 2, 2023

The left comes to terms with the fact that labeling everything/everyone with their favorite scare word of the day makes the word meaningless. The CDC "follows #thescience," this time telling transgender women (aka: men) that it's A-ok to take pills and "chest-feed" their infants, of course completely ignoring any potential dangers this poses to the mental and physical health of the child. You might say the CDC thinks "chest-feeding" is "safe and effective." The personal chef of the Obamas is found dead near the Obama residence at Martha's Vineyard, and you're a terrible person/conspiracy theorist if you think the investigation into his untimely passing should be conducted as vigorously as it would be if our personal chef died under the same circumstances. The regime is pulling out all the stops to keep you distracted from them treating their favorite people differently than they would the rest of you peasants. It's fully willing to admit to the existence of aliens so you don't look any closer at the implosion of the Hunter Biden plea deal from the DOJ or at the dropping of campaign finance charges against SBF.