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Jul 25, 2023

The thought police have been quite busy the last couple weeks. Whether it is making unscientific, unfalsifiable claims (in direct contravention of actual, real-world data) about fewer covid deaths if only more of us had fallen in line for the shot, or that everyone—regardless of race—who disagrees with their agenda is probably a "white supremacist," there seems to be no end in sight to their open-mouth-first-think-critically-later method of spewing propaganda. It doesn't seem to be working for them, but these people never let failure get in the way of failing more. Also this week, Vice Chancellor Harris says the depopulation quite part out loud and the Amish in Pennsylvania provide the foil for the thought police's other favorite tactic: suspension of all debate on their sacred cows (vaccination). Calling out these people's bullshit is a full-time job, but thankfully they make it an easy one.