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Jul 12, 2023

The gaslighting continues on all fronts. While "new studies" suggests people are more at risk for strokes from "exercising too hard" instead of, ya know, that other thing, UK data clearly shows a correlation between the covid vaxxed and increased mortality across ALL age groups. The Michigan House of Representatives are ready to jail you or fine you thousands of dollars, or both, for having the audacity to refer to someone as the sex they were born with, ya know, completely unobjectionable behavior only 5 minutes ago. Notwithstanding a "recovering" crackhead being related to the current president and having sweeping access to the White House, you're a terrible person for suspecting Hunter Biden as the owner of the cocaine recently found in the White House. Meta dutifully licks the regime's boots in launching its own (now the fifth) competitor to Twitter, which Cuckerberg is calling "Threads." But, all of this is normal and you're weird if you don't immediately adopt all approved opinions on each topic as you are being instructed.