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Jul 6, 2023

In a complete shock to no one, impressionable children are self-identifying as "non-binary" in New Jersey at alarming rates only 4 years into that state's educational (see, indoctrination) war on reality. The lefties lose their minds of the Supreme Court striking down affirmative action as violative of the 14th Amendment because racism is only good when progressives do it. Ed Krassenstein reminds us, over on Twitter, that when the government censors information it is usually because it is scared of the truth. Thanks Ed... 3+ years too late. Finally, we speculate about that missing $6.2 billion the Pentagon could not account for last week and whether it may have found its way into the Wagner Group's hands to stage the 48-hour coup in Russia last week. Bookmark this episode for another "we told ya so" reference when this is corroborated in a couple months by some Pentagon whistleblower.