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Jun 28, 2023

Expertise is (mostly) dead. Well, it is as far as the "experts" that demand allegiance while refusing public debate are concerned. They will tell you that they are just learning the Azov Battalion is full of Nazis, over a year and a half into funneling them billions of your tax dollars. They will tell you that they are the best stewards of your money while they make $6.2 billion accounting "errors." They will spend 3+ years flip flopping and goalpost moving every way possible to justify their petty tyrannical tendencies, then refuse to debate you, not because they are terrified (they are) of being proved wrong... again... but because you're a "conspiracy theorist" so debating you is unthinkable and probably an attack on democracy. If you are still blindly trusting the "experts," too cowardly to defend their ideas, then we have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.