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Jun 22, 2023

There are a lot of words (many of them 4-letter) to describe the elitist mouth breathers that claim to know how to live your life better than you, but today's word of the day for them  is: pseudo-intellectual. Sam Harris, a high priest of the cult of envy, starts us off with a textbook strawman to "argue" that there's no such thing as the version of the "self-made man" that he made up 5 seconds ago, and that no one actually argues in favor of. The U.S. DHS is creating a social media "credit score" to track your internet activity and classify you as a "terrorist" or at least terrorist adjacent. Amazon helps out by turning your smart devices against you in your own home. And, "Tucker on Twitter" has all the right (bad) people losing their minds over his continued massive reach as he speaks truth to power. Predictably, the arguments against Tucker—to get at Trump—are as circular, disingenuous, or otherwise braindead as everything that flows out of Sam Harris these days. All of this is more proof that your "betters" are not only not better than you, but are in fact far worse, and completely worthy of vehement, constant ridicule.