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Apr 19, 2023

We check back in on Bud Light this week, to see how things are going at Woke Beer HQ... It's not going well. John Stewart grills petty tyrant, Deputy Defense Secretary, Kathleen Hicks, showing us all what the lizards who are supposed to be working for us really think of us and our efforts to hold them accountable. The American Stasi's (FBI) net grows ever wider as internal documents show they will target you for using the wrong buzzwords on the internet. Another hero steps forward to shine a light on the deep state's malfeasance, this time using a Discord server for the popular video game, Minecraft. Air Force Guardsman, Jack Teixeira, is probably going to be thrown in a cage for releasing "classified" documents demonstrating just how contemptuous the Biden regime, and the military industrial complex in general, is of the Constitution and We the People.