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Nov 19, 2022

Add a few more things to the list, along with death and taxes, that you can count on in life. Every 2-4 years: (1) the election is "the most important of our lifetimes" (it never is); (2) libertarians and their "Schrodinger votes" are to blame for whoever loses; (3) nonsense prevails over common sense; and (4) things will get progressively worse. In this episode we break down the insanity that was the 2022 mid-term elections, give a glimmer of what might have been had better decisions been made in 2008, and warn of what will continue to worsen so long as the voters' "rational ignorance" is not addressed, and the victims of the state's indoctrination system vote in increasingly larger numbers in upcoming elections. Buckle up folks, the ride down is going to get bumpy.