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Oct 20, 2022

As far as the regime is concerned, consistency is NOT key. Harvard Children's Hospital has claimed that even fetuses know they are transgender, despite the fact that many "experts" at that establishment also likely believe that those same fetuses are nothing more than a disposable clump of cells. Although Florida continues to fight the good fight for medical freedom, big pharma and their "fact checking" mouthpieces can't keep their story straight about whether their vaccines stopped Covid or not. Finally, in the biggest inconsistency of all, the Alex Jones kangaroo court, show trial that resulted in an absurd nearly $1 billion award to Sandy Hook families is all the proof you need that hallmarks of western societies for over 800 years, like due process, are dead and gone if you run afoul of the regime. But, who needs consistency or principles when you are full-blown 1984 making it up as you go along and can jail or cancel anyone who calls you out on it?