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Sep 16, 2022

The powerful, elites, and their hordes of "useful idiots" are trying to provoke you into a response that turns the masses against your demands for freedom from the growing government threat, or simply provides them a pretext to bring down their iron fist as soon as practicable. Don't fall for it. The mistake of taking the bait has been repeated too often throughout history, each time with poor outcomes for those who allow their passions to overcome their judgment. Let Biden keep bombastically claiming your AR-15 is no match for the government's F-15s. Let celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kathy Griffin keep stirring the pot for their political overlords. And, let government's themselves keep overplaying their hand, all around the world. Each time, they lose more and more popular support, and we (those who demand liberty) gain ground in the hearts and minds of our fellow men and women, who yearn for freedom.