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Jul 9, 2022

Despite the repeated failures of government, all it seems to know how to do is double down on the policies that have pushed us to the fiscal, economic, and social cliff that we now find ourselves at. But, whether it is California issuing new "inflation relief" stimulus checks to combat the money printing that caused the inflation in the first place, being incompetent or evil with the release of private information of legal conceal and carry holders (again, California), or Ghislaine Maxwell only getting 20 years while withholding her book of clients, apparently only "sex trafficking" to herself and Epstein, one thing is clear: the powers that be are laughing at us. As long as we continue to do nothing about what these people do to us, they will keep going until full societal collapse. Now is the time to remember that July 4th is about celebrating treason toward these kinds of people. Let's get back to our roots.