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Aug 17, 2022

Wondering whether you are ruled by criminal, tyrants? Here's a quick/easy litmus test: Pay close attention to who the regime wants you to be outraged at versus who they want you to forget. If they want you to be outraged about an internet shock jock (Alex Jones) lying about Sandy Hook, but don't want you to be outraged about the DC cretins that lied us into a 20+ year war over fake WMD reports, you might be ruled by criminals. If you're supposed to be on alert for Betsy Ross Flag waving "terrorists" but not the FBI, with its long history of terrorizing U.S. citizens, you might be ruled by tyrants. And, if they tell you "no man is above the law," as they raid the home of a political opponent while letting all their buddies off the hook for crimes at least as bad, you might be ruled by criminal, tyrants. Join us on their watchlists, won't you?!